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Our elderly live in care service

Elderly live-in care is regular daily support provided to an older person who wishes to continue living in their own home, but cannot do safely without a live-in carer to assist them.

Who is elderly live in care designed to help?

Elderly live-in care is designed primarily for those older people who are determined to continue living in their own home, but are beginning to struggle with running their own home or taking care of themselves properly.

This may be because of mobility issues, or slowly declining health, or simply through loneliness and depression, in many cases caused by the death of a long-term spouse or partner and the lack of any close family members living nearby to support them.

Some older people suffering from the early signs of dementia may also be encouraged by their family to accept a live-in carer to relieve them of the responsibility of supporting their loved one, which they be struggling to combine with their own family and work commitments.

What does elderly live-in care involve?

Every individual will have different needs, but elderly live-in care generally involves a combination – unique in every case – of companionship, personal care, cooking and house-keeping.

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What is companionship care?

Companionship care is all about respect for the individual, being a good listener, showing unfailing kindness and taking a genuine interest in the person. It also means encouraging them to derive as much enjoyment and fulfilment as possible from their daily life. Having found out what activities the person most enjoys doing, their live-in carer will give them all the encouragement and space they need to pursue their interests, whether that be drawing, painting, embroidery or doing jigsaws, or perhaps just helping them speak to their families on WhatsApp, or following their favourite TV or radio programmes. If the person enjoys shared activities, such as playing cards or board games, their carer will be happy to join in.

Companionship care will also include, if possible, supporting the person to get out into their local community, whether it be to go shopping, attend local support groups, go to church, or even go on outings together. Equally if the person wants to invite old friends round for morning coffee or afternoon tea, their carer will be happy to help them organise everything.

House-keeping and meal preparation

House-keeping and meal preparation and will normally include shopping, cooking, washing, ironing and light housework.

Personal Care

An individual may or may not require assistance with personal care. If they do, it will generally involve washing, dressing and assistance with medication.

Our live-in care costs are often less expensive than a care home

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