What are the advantages of live-in care in your own home compared with residential care?

Stay in control of your life!

The biggest advantage of live-in care is that it will enable you to stay in your own home and remain in control of your daily routine. Your dedicated live-in carer will encourage you to live your life in just the way and at exactly the pace you want to. In your own home you can get up and go to bed when you like choose exactly what you want to eat and drink and never miss your favourite TV and radio programmes.

There’s no place like home!

Your home tells the story of your life through your personal belongings, a treasured collection of photographs, paintings, ornaments and furniture, lovingly assembled over many years. There is something deeply comforting and life-affirming about going to sleep and waking up in your own bed, sitting in your own armchair and looking out over your own garden. Especially as we get older, there really is no place like home.

The comfort and reassurance of regular companionship

With care in your own home you never need to feel lonely or vulnerable. Your carer is always on hand to keep you company and, if need be, cheer you up with a friendly smile and kind and comforting words.  If you are woken suddenly in the night by a strange noise, it is hugely reassuring to know that you are not alone.

Keeping in touch with family and friends

Many older people living in care homes often complain that their families do not come to see them as often as they did when they were living at home. When you live in your own home, family and friends can drop in and see you at any time and stay as long as you want them to. Your carer will discreetly see to the catering, so that you can devote your full attention to your visitors.

Someone to take care of the shopping, cooking and housework

As we get older, household chores – cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing – can become more and more of a chore, so why not let your live-in carer take care of those of those tasks you no longer enjoy doing?

Getting out and about in your local community

Living on your own for a long period may have made you reluctant to go anywhere beyond your own garden. With your carer there to accompany you, you may well feel more confident about venturing out into your local community again. Thanks to the support and encouragement provided by our their live-in carers, many of our clients have been able to start visiting the shops again, or going out for lunch or to the cinema or perhaps going to church on Sundays

Proactive care that promotes your health and well-being

Having someone there to keep you company and prepare healthy and appetising meals for you means that you’re likely to start eating better, see your energy levels increase and generally rediscover your zest for life. Your carer will also play an important part in monitoring your health and welfare, so that any concerns can be identified early and timely treatment attained.


Live-in care generally costs considerably less than good quality residential care, while live-in care for a couple may cost literally half as much as residential care.


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