Caring can be both rewarding and tiring

You may be one of the one million plus people in the UK who are currently looking after an elderly parent in your own home, more or less full-time, seven days a week.

However satisfying and rewarding the role may be, there is no denying that providing 24-hour care, particularly for a member of your own family, can be extremely tiring, both physically and emotionally.

The difficulty of taking a holiday if you are the full-time carer for a loved one

The question arises: what happens if you want or need to take a break and get away for a few days? Who can step in and look after your loved one in your absence? One option might be for them to take up temporary residence in a care home, but that will depend on whether you can find one which has availability. Another factor to consider is how your loved one would react to being moved to somewhere strange and unfamiliar with no other family support available while you are away?

In-home respite care, the ideal alternative to respite care in a care home

Instead of moving your loved one into a care home while you go away, why not arrange respite care for them at home? Respite care at home will enable your loved one to enjoy continuity of care, while providing you with reassurance and peace of mind while you are away.

What is respite care?

Respite care is short-term care designed to enable the main caregiver to take a break. While it can involve daily visiting care, it more often applies when temporary cover is needed for someone who is receiving full-time care.

What is live-in respite care?

Live-in respite care enables caregivers, whether full- or part-time, to take a complete break from caring.  The main caregiver may be the husband, wife, or other relative (such as the brother, sister, son or daughter) of someone who needs regular daily care, or it may be a private carer hired to look after a family member.

8 reasons for live-in care

Live-in respite care for family caregivers

Live-in respite care is a service aimed primarily at family caregivers. There are a number of reasons why a family caregiver might need to take a break:

  • They might simply need a holiday to recharge their batteries
  • They might need to have an operation, for example, a hip or knee replacement, followed by a period of recuperation.
  • They might need to take time out to attend to a crisis affecting another family member.

Live-in respite care to provide temporary cover for a private carer

If the care is being provided by a private carer, respite live-in care may be required because they want to take a holiday, or spend time away dealing with a family crisis of their own. Or it may be that a private carer decides to move on before a replacement can be found.

The advantages of live-in respite care

One possible way of ensuring you could take a well-earned break would be to arrange for your loved one to take up temporary residence in a care home. However, with care homes in many parts of the country already full and with the best care homes often having the longest waiting lists, it may simply not be possible to find anywhere suitable.

Another potential problem is how your loved one would react to being moved from their usual surroundings to the strange and unfamiliar environment of a care home. They could find the whole experience unsettling, if not traumatic.

If a temporary move to a care home is either not possible or not considered appropriate, then the ideal alternative is respite care at home. Respite in home care will enable your loved one to remain at home and maintain their normal daily routine, while providing you with reassurance and peace of mind while you are away.

What does a live-in respite carer do?

A respite carer will do anything that a family caregiver would normally do. Before the care starts, a support plan will be created to ensure that all your loved one’s needs will be met.

Why choose Chesterford Homecare for respite live-in care?

The Chesterford Homecare team
  • Chesterford Homecare are the local specialist live-in care provider in your area, covering Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.
  • You are guaranteed high quality care because we take exactly the same time and trouble in planning our short-term respite care service as we do with longer term assignments.

  • You can rely on the fact that every aspect of the care required will be discussed with you in meticulous detail.
  • Care will be based on individual needs, which may include: administration of medication, personal care, food shopping and meal preparation, washing, ironing and house-keeping, leisure and social activities.
  • All identified needs and activities will be planned and carried out in such a way that they fit in with your loved one’s preferred daily routine.
  • You can rely on support and back-up from our highly experienced management team, who will step into your shoes while you are away to make sure your loved one receives exactly the care and support they need.
  • Thanks to our extensive training programme, you can be confident that the carer appointed to look after your loved will while you are away will have the right knowledge and skills to provide your loved one with safe and effective care.
  • While a professional carer can never fully replace a family caregiver, our care assessment process means that we will do our utmost to ensure that the service we provide reflects as closely as possible the care and support normally provided by the main caregiver.
  • Our vastly experienced management team will work both with, your loved one and our carer every step of the way to make sure your loved one receives the highest possible standard of care.
  • Because we’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You can feel confident that your loved one will be kept safe and will have everything they need.

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