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Companionship live-in care in your own home

Live in companionship care can literally transform the life of older people living on their own

Live-in companionship care is full-time care designed for older people who can no longer endure the loneliness of living on their own at home. Live-in companionship care will banish their loneliness by providing them meaningful day-to-day companionship. At the same time, their kind and caring live-in carer will provide them with whatever extra support they might need to continue living happily and safely in their own home. Wherever possible, this support will include

helping them to start getting out into their local community again.

The growing problem of loneliness among the elderly

Loneliness is an increasing problem in Britain today, particularly among the elderly. In 2018 Age UK commissioned a survey to establish the extent of loneliness among older people. On the basis of the answers provided, Age UK calculated that nearly 1 million people (998,338) over age 50 experience continuing loneliness. The older someone is, the more likely they are to be living on their own and hence the more likely they are to suffer from loneliness.

The causes of loneliness among the elderly

 Loneliness is often brought on by the death of a lifelong spouse or partner. If the person does not have any close family members living nearby, or if they have no close family at all, then their sense of loss may well lead to them gradually lapsing into a state of chronic  loneliness.

The knock-on effects of loneliness for the elderly

Evidence suggests that chronic loneliness among the elderly can bring on other health problems, such as depression and apathy, which may further reduce motivation and mobility.  This can lead to older people feeling increasingly reluctant to venture out on their own into their local community. As they feel their independence slipping away, their sense of loneliness and social isolation may become more and more debilitating.

Live in companionship care can literally transform the life of older people living on their own

The best antidote to loneliness is regular companionship and for those who have no close family or friends living nearby, live-in companionship care may prove a real lifeline. With their very own live-in carer and companion, your loved one will soon be able to put all feelings of loneliness behind them. With their spirits revived through kind and caring companionship and their health restored by greater activity and having healthy and appetising meals prepared for them, it won’t be long before you notice a huge transformation in your loved one.

Would you or your loved one benefit from Companionship Care?

As an older person Companionship Care is likely to be of interest to you if:

  • You live on your own
  • You have lost a long-term spouse or partner and your loss has left you feeling desperately lonely
  • Any close family members you do have live a long way away and can only visit you very occasionally
  • You do not have any close family
  • You would like some regular companionship to help you overcome your loneliness and start enjoying life again.
  • You want to become accustomed to live-in care now in anticipation of the time when you know you won’t be able to cope entirely on your own
  • You are not keen on the idea of giving up your home and moving to a care home – even though life in a care home would offer you companionship of a sort / of sorts.

The benefits of companionship care for older people no longer happy living on their own at home

Live-in companionship care is the ideal solution for any older person who, while determined to continue living in their own home, would value the daily support and stimulation that sharing their life with a kind and caring companion would bring them. Having their own live-in carer and companion is likely to be the best cure possible for their loneliness and isolation.
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Chesterford Homecare’s companionship care at home service

Chesterford Homecare are a well-established, CQC-registered care company based in north-west Essex, very close to the neighbouring counties of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk and within easy reach of South Essex and North London.

In the last few years we have built up an excellent reputation throughout Essex and the neighbouring counties as specialist live-in care providers. The quality of our care service was recognised in the 2020 Great British Care Awards where we were award-winners in the Eastern Region for Care Planning and Assessing and highly commended for Personalisation/Putting People First and for End-of-Life Care.

How our companionship live-in care service works

 The role of our live-in carers is to provide our clients with whatever support they might need to continue living in safety and comfort in their own home. The things you would like your live-in carer to do will be discussed and agreed at an initial meeting between you and our Care Manager and will normally


include things like shopping and meal preparation, washing, ironing and light housekeeping and, of course, providing you with kind and uplifting companionship. If you would like them to accompany you on trips to the shops, into town, or to church on Sundays, they will be happy to do that as well.

Your wishes and requirements will then be written up into a detailed Care Plan, which you will be asked to review and agree to before the care actually starts. A copy of the plan will be kept in the house, so that you (and your family and friends with your consent) will be able to review it at any time.

Once the care has started, you will receive regular visits from our Care Manger, whose job it is to make sure that the care you receive from day to day is in line with what is set out in your Care Plan. The Care Manager will also keep an eye out for whether your needs may be changing over time. At some point you might need your carer to start doing a bit more for you, for example, managing your medication or helping you wash, shower and dress. Remember, of course, that you are likely to find it a lot easier to accept help with personal care if the assistance is being provided by someone whom you have got to know and trust over a long period.

Our live-in care costs are often less expensive than a care home

If you would quickly like to learn more about our live-in care service, cost and how we  carefully match our carers, please contact us now and we will call you back in complete confidence

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